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Making a bad problem worse

11 Dec 2014

Australian Greens health spokesperson and former GP, Dr Richard Di Natale, today slammed the Abbott Government’s cynical attack on Medicare.

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Amidst the gloom there are moments of light: Sierra Leone

08 Dec 2014

Before leaving Monrovia I get an early morning coffee with the Australian doctor leading the UNICEF response in Liberia. He’s one of several Australians playing a key role in the emergency effort. He’s worried that complacency may set in and tells me no one can predict where things will be in six months. There’s even a possibility that we may never eliminate it, that Ebola may become endemic.

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'The acrid smell of burning hospital mattresses now fills the air': Day 2 in Liberia

05 Dec 2014

The day starts with an early morning meeting of the incident management team. In the room are the heads of all the major global players responding to the outbreak - the World Health Organisation, The Centre for Disease Control, Medicens Sans Frontieres, various UN agencies and representatives from Liberian government. They come from all parts of the globe, including Australia.

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