Medicinal Cannabis

There is strong community and political support to reform our approach to medicinal cannabis and make this medication available to those who need it.

As Co-convenor of the Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy and Law Reform, Dr Richard Di Natale continues to work with experts, patients and politicians from all sides of politics to deliver policy reform that ensure access to medicinal cannabis for every patient who needs it.

This issue is not about politics, it’s about getting medicine to people who need it. This is our nation's chance to relieve the pain and suffering of many Australians if we can just come together and show parliament at its best.

The Greens believe that a comprehensive approach to this issue is needed, which ensures the establishment of an independent regulator would be responsible for licensing the growing, manufacturing and distribution of medicinal cannabis. It will use clinical evidence to determine the limited set of conditions for which medicinal cannabis can be prescribed. There is already overwhelming evidence for the efficacy of medicinal cannabis for conditions such as intractable nausea and muscle spasms. 

Senator Di Natale introduced the The Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2014, which can be viewed here, which has support of MPs from across the Parliament but has not been voted on at this stage.

In February 2016, the government introduced a bill to establish a national licensing scheme for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. We cautiously welcome this move, but must remember that it is only the first piece of the puzzle. This bill does nothing to change the fact that cannabis is scheduled as an illegal drug that cannot be prescribed by a doctor. The Federal Government needs to actively engage with the TGA, state governments, and with doctors and pharmacists to make sure that we overcome the many barriers that still stand between patients and the medicine they need.

The final test for any reform is whether it will get this medicine in the hands of everyone who needs it.

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Medicinal cannabis bill only the first piece of the puzzle: Greens

10 Feb 2016

Australian Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale today cautiously welcomed the government's bill to establish a national licensing scheme for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis but warned that it still falls short of delivering for patients.


Government condemns patients to another Christmas as criminals

02 Dec 2015

The Greens say the Turnbull Government has failed to deliver legal access to medicinal cannabis to Australians who've been expecting it by the end of this year.


Government medicinal cannabis proposal only half the solution: Greens

17 Oct 2015

Australian Greens Leader, Dr Richard Di Natale today welcomed the government’s announcement on medicinal cannabis but warned that it doesn’t deal with the biggest barriers that will prevent patients from accessing it.


Federal reform on medicinal cannabis needed urgently: Greens

11 Oct 2015

Australian Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale today called on the federal Labor and Liberal parties to get behind his cross-party bill to establish a regulator of medicinal cannabis and pass it before the end of the year.


Victorian trial highlights urgency of federal medicinal cannabis legislation

11 Sep 2015

The Greens are reiterating calls for the Abbott government to bring medicinal cannabis legislation to a vote, in light of the Victorian Law Reform Commission's recommendation that the State Government proceed with a cannabis cultivation trial.

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