West Africa Ebola Mission

Prior to being elected Richard was a public health specialist with experience in outbreak investigations. From 29 November to 7 December 2014, Richard visited West Africa to monitor the international response to the Ebola crisis.  

Richard felt compelled to travel to West Africa, document the circumstances in the field, find out where the gaps are and become an advocate for the sort of response that the international community needs to take.

Richard undertook meetings with representatives from the World Health Organization, the United Nations coordinating team, NGOs and hospitals and charity operations fighting the epidemic. Richard will also visited the  Australian field hospital operated by Canberra-based Aspen Medical. 

Whilst welcoming the government’s change of heart on the deployment of Australian personnel to West Africa, Richard remains concerned remain about the nature and scale of Australia's involvement.

Video blogs documenting his visit can be viewed below.

Latest on West Africa Ebola Mission


Amidst the gloom there are moments of light: Sierra Leone

08 Dec 2014

Before leaving Monrovia I get an early morning coffee with the Australian doctor leading the UNICEF response in Liberia. He’s one of several Australians playing a key role in the emergency effort. He’s worried that complacency may set in and tells me no one can predict where things will be in six months. There’s even a possibility that we may never eliminate it, that Ebola may become endemic.


'The acrid smell of burning hospital mattresses now fills the air': Day 2 in Liberia

05 Dec 2014

The day starts with an early morning meeting of the incident management team. In the room are the heads of all the major global players responding to the outbreak - the World Health Organisation, The Centre for Disease Control, Medicens Sans Frontieres, various UN agencies and representatives from Liberian government. They come from all parts of the globe, including Australia.


'I have to do it for my people': witnessing the dangerous but vital jobs in the Ebola crisis

04 Dec 2014

The Red Cross Safe and Dignified Burial Team perform a vital task - disposing of Ebola patients' bodies when they are highly infectious.


Why I'm going to West Africa

02 Dec 2014

A long flight gives you plenty of time to think. I’m now on the final leg of a two-day journey to West Africa and I’ve been reflecting on the reaction to the news that I would be visiting Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Greens Senator requests consular assistance for Ebola mission

05 Nov 2014

Australian Greens Health Spokesperson and former public health specialist, Dr Richard Di Natale, wrote to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop today seeking consular assistance for a field trip to West Africa. 

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