Dental outcome a great start but more investment needed

15 Feb 2012 | Richard Di Natale

Greens’ spokesperson for health, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that the $165 million secured yesterday by the Greens was a great first step but that he will be looking for a much more significant total investment in dental health in the May budget.

“The $165 million investment in dental health secured by the Greens has produced a double dividend for the health system. We’ve made a start toward Denticare and we’ve made the health system a little fairer,” said Senator Di Natale.
“But much more needs to be done.
“This is a solid downpayment in dental health and a great outcome but this is only the start of negotiations with the Government to improve dental health.
“One in three Australians can’t afford to see a dentist and one in ten GP visits are because of untreated dental disease. In a wealthy country like ours going to the dentist should be just as easy as going to a GP, which is why the Greens want to achieve a universal Denticare scheme by bringing dental health into Medicare over 5 years.
“We can lay the foundations for Denticare this year, through a significant investment in the upcoming budget. I encourage the millions of Australians who can’t afford to see the dentist or who are stuck on endless public dental waiting lists to join us in our campaign to make 2012 ‘year one’ of the Greens’ Denticare plan.”
Media contact: Andrew Blyberg 0457 901 600