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Abbott budget a sick joke

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 14 May 2014

“The budget rips $20 billion out of health services over the next 6 years and the damage done to our health system will last forever,” said Greens health spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale.

“This budget puts us on the path to a US style, two-tier, under-funded health system where your credit card is more important than your Medicare care card.” 

“Out of pocket costs are already an issue in healthcare which is why I established a Senate inquiry into the issue. Now new fees for every doctor’s visit, every prescription, every x-ray and every blood test will put basic medical care further out of the reach of many of Australia’s sickest people.

“Many people will avoid seeing their GP and end up in overcrowded hospitals just as Abbott rips $2 billion out of the hospital system.

“This budget is a huge step backwards for hospital funding. The federal-state blame game will be back with a vengeance as each blames the other for clogged emergency departments and waiting time blow-outs.”

“I left medical practice for politics because I wanted to protect and build on Australia’s great health system. I won’t stand by and watch it get torn down.”


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