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Abbott turns a blind eye while Australia burns.

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 3 Jan 2014

The Australian Greens have responded to the Bureau of Meteorology's announcement today that 2013 was Australia's warmest year on record, by urging the Abbott Government to face up to the facts on climate change and abandon his reckless actions to unwind climate change laws.

"The facts now speak for themselves. Getting rid of the experts like the Climate Commission and replacing them with crackpot conspiracy theorists like Maurice Newman won't change the fact that climate change is happening and is getting worse," said Acting Greens Leader Sen Richard Di Natale

"We saw communities devastated last year when unseasonal bushfires ravaged the Blue Mountains in October and many Australian communities are now in the midst of an unprecedented heat wave.

"Heatwaves are the most significant natural threat to human health in Australia and the elderly and very young are particularly vulnerable. As a doctor, I am especially concerned about the capacity of the health system to cope.

"Our clean energy laws are working. They are already reducing pollution and creating jobs. Tony Abbott is behaving like a reckless ideologue in trying to unwind action on climate change and it's time he abandoned his ideological rejection of the climate science and started protecting the Australian people."


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