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Ban Junk Food Ads for Kids

The Greens will ban junk food advertising during children's television programming, on websites aimed at children, and via smart phones.

For years public health experts have been calling for a ban on junk food advertising to our kids. They have shown that junk food companies go out of their way to target our children because they know if they can hook them young, they will have a loyal customer for life.

There is no doubt that self-regulation of the food industry with regard to unhealthy food has failed. The Greens stand with the overwhelming majority of Australians who want their kids to be able to enjoy children's TV without being bombarded with manipulative junk food ads.

The ban will cover free-to-air TV, and pay TV channels dedicated to children. We have campaigned with public health experts for this action as the Greens understand that junk food is deliberately targeted at children to hook them for life.

Read our full policy to ban junk food advertising targeting kids here.

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