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Enough is Enough

Richard Di Natale 16 Jun 2015

Enough is enough. It's time we drew a line in the sand. We can't go on like this. We have a callous and ruthless government and a complicit Opposition.

We've got a situation where the Prime Minister says that all that matters is that we stop the boats.

Prime Minister, that's not all the matters.


It matters what sort of nation we are. It matters whether we're prepared to uphold the rule of law. It matters whether we're prepared to show some decency, humanity, some compassion.

And so far, Prime Minister, you have failed us. You have failed the Australian people.

Stopping the boats is easy. The question is what price are we prepared to pay - and so far we've seen a government that's been prepared to spy on parliamentarians.

We've heard revelations that a Senator of the Australian parliament was effectively spied on in an attempt to try and shut her down from doing her duties. We've seen these vicious attacks on the Human Rights Commission that have been unjustified, calculated and entirely unprecedented.

We've seen gag orders on doctors and teachers, preventing them from disclosing what's going on in detention centres under the control of the Australian Government.

We've seen young kids pushed to self harm, people denied all hope and we've been told that all that matters is to stop the boats.

Well that's not good enough. The Opposition Leader needs to stand up and to demonstrate that we cannot continue on the path that we are on. We just can't do it.

We have crossed a line. We are now engaging in the people trafficking business and successive governments have indicated that they have been prepared to engage in something that both of them have said is completely intolerable.

Enough is enough.

We are not saying we have all the answers. But we have a plan, and we think it's critical that we work on a regional solution. We're not going to solve this on our own.

This isolationist, populist approach that successive governments have undertaken is demeaning us as a people. It's leaving a stain on this nation.

We have to stop.

Join us from now until the Federal Election as we take our democracy back >>

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