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Everyone deserves fair access to social services

Leader for the Australian Greens Senator Richard Di Natale wants to strengthen Australia’s social safety net to build a social security system for the 21st century, and boost social services funding to ensure guaranteed access to essential community services.


“Every Australian should feel safe that community services will be there for them when they need it. The Australian Greens believe that we need to guarantee access to essential community services.


“Right now many Australians don’t have access to critical social services, this coupled with the additional funding cuts proposed by the Coalition government, means that vital services are under threat.


“The Australian Greens will deliver a funding boost of $504 million over four years, to guarantee Australian community services.


“For Australia to be having people living in poverty is unacceptable and we need to develop an anti-poverty plan to lift people out of poverty.


“Australia’s growing inequality needs to be urgently addressed. We will invest $25.5 million into an Equality Commission to give independence advice on our income support system.


Senator Rachel Siewert announced increases to key payments, including Newstart and moving single parents onto Parenting Payment Single. A 30 per cent increase to Commonwealth rent assistance will also provide a major increase for people experiencing housing stress.


“Far too many people are living in poverty in Australia.  As well as planning for the long term to improve our social security system, we need to act now to increase key payments. The Greens will provide increases to those who are most in need, and fight poverty and inequality.


“Inequality can impact on a wide range of outcomes, including education, health, employment, and many other aspects of full participation in society.


Implementing these changes will be funded through the Greens fully costed platform.

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