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Greening the Health Sector

Australia has good healthcare but it can come at a high environmental cost. We will help the health sector to reduce pollution and waste.

The Greens will create a Health Sustainability Unit which will deliver leadership to help drive behaviour change, provide expert advice and support to the healthcare sector.

The Health Sustainability Unit will:

  • Deliver leadership to help drive behaviour change and co-ordinate the sector's efforts to improve sustainability outcomes.
  • Provide expert advice and support to the healthcare sector in Australia to become more sustainable by addressing issues such as energy, travel, waste, procurement, water, infrastructure adaptation and buildings.
  • Scope and map the sustainable development requirements of the Australian health sector to better understand the existing situation, identify opportunities to embed sustainability into healthcare practices and identify further research needs.
  • Engage with the health sector to develop a broad sustainability strategy to deliver ongoing sustainability, through improved resource efficiency, greener facilities and better practices.

The United Kingdom NHS Sustainable Development Unit is a successful model. For example, by following their advice Sheffield Teaching Hospital is reducing its energy consumption by more than 8% and emissions by 239 tonnes, while saving £45,000 a year.

Read our full plan to green the health sector here.

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