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Greens announce anti-doping reforms

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 2 Aug 2013

Australian Greens spokesperson for sport and health, Senator Richard Di Natale, today released a package of reforms aimed at protecting Australia’s athletes and sport.

“Today I’m announcing reforms in the area of sports science, aimed at protecting Australian sport and the health of our young athletes,” said Senator Di Natale

“As a doctor I’m deeply disturbed by evidence of young athletes being used as guinea pigs and the pharmacological arms-race that is putting athletes’ health at risk.

“Major sporting organisations, athlete representatives and healthcare professionals have all called for government to step in and help regulate the area of sports science, but the Greens are the only party that has been listening and is prepared to take action.”

The Greens’ package of reforms would make formal accreditation through Exercise and Sports Science Australia a precondition for employment as a sports scientist.

“This is about weeding out the cowboys and giving clubs the confidence that they are hiring someone who has the right qualifications and experience and is subject to an ethical code of conduct.”

The Greens would put an end to the pharmacological arms-race in our major sporting codes by requiring all clubs to submit every supplement they use to a centralised public register, administered by the sport.

“We want the footy team with the best players, not the best chemist to be rewarded.

“The AIS is the right place for innovation in this area because it can be done in a scientifically controlled way that doesn’t put the health of athletes at risk.”

The Greens’ sports science package contains other reforms, including a more central role for club doctors and $6 million in funding for a new supplement hotline that athletes will be able to use anonymously to double check the content, safety and legal status of any substance they are offered.

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