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Greens back Victorian fossil fuel moratorium: coal profits cost our health, land and climate

Media Release
Christine Milne 12 Apr 2012

Greens back Victorian fossil fuel moratorium: coal profits cost our health, land and climate

The Australians Greens have today backed a call for a moratorium on fossil fuel projects in Victoria.

“Community groups across Victoria clearly understand what Ted Baillieu does not - that short term profits from coal and coal seam gas will cost Australians our health, our prime agricultural land and our climate,” said Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne.

“With the warnings from scientists becoming ever clearer that pollution from coal, oil and gas is driving worse extreme weather, it makes no sense to be expanding fossil fuel industries.

“What's more, there are clear signals from around the world that the market for coal is drying up as big solar power is set to outcompete new coal power by the end of the decade in China and India.

"Ted Baillieu should listen to the community and call a halt to the massive fossil fuel expansion, not the wind industry.”

Australian Greens Senator for Victoria and spokesperson on health, Dr Richard Di Natale, said that the health impacts of coal are enormous.

“Mining and burning coal has very real consequences for people’s health. Cancer, heart and lung disease are just some of the serious risks.

“It has been estimated in the Lancet that 24 people die for every TWh of coal combusted and that’s before you take into consideration the health risks of climate change.

“It’s shameful that people living within 2km can stop a proposed wind turbine but they can’t do anything about a coal mine proposal outside their front door.

“Ted Baillieu is not just a ‘do nothing’ Premier, he is taking Victoria backwards at a rate of knots.”

Senator Milne:
            Tim Hollo          0437 587 562
Senator Di Natale:     Andrew Blyberg 0457 901 600

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