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Greens launch RenewQld – a multi-billion plan for thousands of clean-energy jobs across the state

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale today announced RenewQld – a plan to generate $53 billion in clean-energy investment in the state over the next 15 years.

In Brisbane today to officially launch the Greens Queensland federal election campaign, Senator Di Natale said:

“The Greens clean energy plan for Queensland will create between 3000 and 5500 full-time jobs in design and construction every single year from 2017 across Queensland, especially in regional areas.  

“The old parties are leaving the thousands of Queensland workers who have lost their jobs in the dying coal industry high and dry.

“We Greens are putting forward a $1 billion Clean Energy Transition Fund that will train up those workers and get them into long-term work.

“Our plan to build 90 per cent renewable energy nationally by 2030 would generate $53 billion of investment in clean-energy projects in Queensland over 15 years.

“This would be delivered through a combination of direct government investment and ownership, and ‘reverse auctions’ which provide bankable incentives for private sector investment,” Senator Di Natale said.

Greens Deputy Leader and Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said:

“Delivering a 21st century clean-energy economy will not only generate new, lasting jobs but will safeguard the existing Great Barrier Reef tourism jobs and agricultural jobs that coal mining and coal seam gas are threatening.

“The state Labor government and the federal Liberal government are threatening  the livelihoods of the 69 000 people who rely on the Reef’s health for their job by approving massive coal mines to export through the Reef and further cook its coral.

“The old parties are leaving Queensland at risk of missing out on the job-rich clean energy revolution.

“Both the Liberal and Labor parties are holding Queensland back by propping up the coal industry with taxpayer-funded subsidies; cutting $1 billion out of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and accepting political donations from fossil fuel companies.

"With more Greens in the Senate for Queensland we can work to protect the reef and speed up the transition to clean energy.


Greens Senate candidate for Queensland, Andrew Bartlett , said:

“On top of the tens of thousands of clean-energy jobs our plan generates, we also have a plan to secure jobs in mine site rehabilitation when coal mines close down.  

“The Greens will ensure that big mining companies pay rehabilitation bonds upfront, so that we have funding in place for local mine site rehabilitation jobs before coal mines go bust and attempt to shirk their responsibilities.

“By acting now we can protect existing jobs in Reef tourism and agriculture from the impacts of coal mining; secure mining rehabilitation jobs and generate tens of thousands of new clean-energy jobs in Queensland,” Mr Bartlett said.

Senator Di Natale (Andrew Blyberg) 0457 901 600


Senator Waters (Monique Vandeleur) 0419 626 725

Andrew Bartlett (Ben Pennings) 0418 164 014

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