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Greens lay out alternative vision to the Commission of Audit

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 9 May 2014

Today the Australian Greens have released an alternative vision for the budget to the cruel cuts recommended by the Commission of Audit.

“We need to have a debate about the challenges in Australia’s future but instead the Commission of Audit was a piece of political theatre where ideology trumped facts,” said Greens Senator Richard Di Natale, chair of the Senate Select Committee into the Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit.

“The Commission of Audit was a wasted opportunity because the government rigged the outcome by handpicking Commissioners from the big end of town and writing terms of reference that gave them know choice but to recommend sweeping cuts to services.

“Today the Greens are releasing an alternative vision to the cruel cuts recommended by the Commission of Audit. Rather than slugging families, we can save money by putting an end to the enormous tax concessions we give to the fossil fuel industry. Rather than making it harder to see a doctor, we can raise revenue by asking polluters to pay and by getting a fair share of the super profits from our mines.

“Budgets are about more than just numbers, they are about choosing what sort of country we want to live in. The Greens understand that Australians want to live in a caring and decent society, where seeing a doctor and getting your kids a decent education doesn’t depend on the size of your wallet.”

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