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The Greens Plan to Reform Sports Science

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Richard Di Natale 2 Aug 2013

The Greens care about sport. Australian sports, including sports scientists, have a history of innovation, but a win-at-all-costs attitude has led many clubs into murky areas at the fringes of sports science.

From the doping scandals that have rocked world cycling to the unapproved supplement trials in the NRL and AFL, Australian sport has never suffered from such a crisis of credibility. Unqualified and unethical individuals are working at elite sports clubs, risking the health of the athletes we respect and damaging the integrity of the sporting codes we love. 

Sports scientists currently operate in a largely unregulated environment, and while many are highly qualified professionals, many others are not.

The Greens have a 5-point plan to provide an accreditation framework for sports scientists, ensure medical oversight of all sports science decisions, limit supplement experiments, encourage major sporting codes to maintain a register of supplements, and provide an advice service for athletes and sporting clubs. 

There is widespread community support for moves towards the accreditation of sports scientists and only the Greens can deliver leadership where the old parties have grown weak at the knees.

Read more about our plan for reforming sports science here.

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