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Greens propose way forward on marriage equality

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 13 Aug 2015

The Australian Greens have today joined with crossbench senators to prevent Tony Abbott from scuttling marriage equality.

"This has been a spectacular failure of leadership from Tony Abbott," said Dr Richard Di Natale, Australian Greens Leader.

"This should have already been dealt with in the Parliament and we haven't given up hope that a cross party bill could pass.

"Tony Abbott is not proposing a plebiscite to give people a choice - he's doing it to delay and ultimately attempt to defeat marriage equality.

"We cannot trust Tony Abbott not to delay further, propose an unfair question, or turn it into an unnecessary referendum with little chance of passing.

"But if a plebiscite is the only option on the table, it must happen at this election and the parliament must choose the question.

"The Greens and other members of the crossbench, are today putting forward a bill to ensure a fair question on marriage equality is put to the people no later than the next election."

"We won't let Tony Abbott get away with scuttling this important change. If a plebiscite is going to happen then the Parliament needs to own it. Tony Abbott can't be trusted," said the Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

"It's 11 years to the day that the Howard government legislated marriage discrimination and it's never clearer how far we are behind the rest of the world.

"While Tony Abbott uses these tricky delay tactics, our friends, family and neighbours continue to suffer because of who they love.

"We are committed to ending this discrimination as fast as possible. Together, we can do this."


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