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Greens reject Victorian coal push

The Australian Greens have rejected a renewed push by the Baillieu government to expand brown coal mining in Victoria. The Greens will also look at what action can be taken by the Federal government to slow down the push.

"Minister Comber should not be encouraging these moves by the Baillieu government. The Clean Energy Future package is about transitioning away from our dependence on coal, in particular brown coal. The Gillard government should not undermine that by backing this move. It is economically and environmentally irresponsible," Deputy Greens Leader Senator Milne said.

"The premier, Ted Baillieu, is an environmental vandal and must be stopped. I will be seeking advice as to what can be done federally to stop this environmental madness. Scientists have told us we need to be decarbonising the economy by the middle of the century. Meanwhile, Ted Baillieu has got his foot on the accelerator in the other direction," Greens MP Adam Bandt said.

"The community in my home town of Deans Marsh recently campaigned against a new coal mine in the area and I am sure that communities across Victoria would do the same," Victorian Senator Richard Di Natale said.

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