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Greens stand with Victorian communities against CSG

Greens Senator for Victoria, Dr Richard Di Natale, said today that the Greens will stand against any move to create a new CSG or unconventional gas mining industry in Victoria.

“Regional Victorian communities don’t want CSG or unconventional gas mining in our state, and rightly so,” said Senator Di Natale.

“Subjecting Victoria to CSG for the sake of the private profits of the big mining companies would be plain dumb when the National Water Commission has warned this risky industry threatens our water supplies, which underpin our agricultural industry.

“The sham review by Peter Reith was nothing more than a piece of theatre that was always going to recommend the rapid expansion of CSG in Victoria. But at the end of the fossil fuel era, and in an age of food insecurity, it would be incredibly short-sighted to be putting our land, water and climate at risk when we have viable, safe renewable alternatives.

“The Victorian Energy Minister has promised to go on a ‘road show’ of rural Victoria to explain the Government’s imminent decision. The Greens look forward to matching the Minister, road show for road show, because the facts are on our side.

“It’s time for Victorians to band together and lock the gate to big gas as determined communities in New South Wales have proudly succeeded in doing. The Greens will continue to stand strongly with the community against CSG and unconventional gas mining.”

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