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Greens statement on the Reclaim Australia rallies

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 7 Apr 2015

Australian Greens spokesperson on multiculturalism, Dr Richard Di Natale, together with Victorian Greens spokesperson on multiculturalism, Nina Springle MLC, today condemned the Reclaim Australia rallies and reaffirmed the Greens support for a multicultural Australia.

“Multiculturalism is one of Australia’s enduring successes and it should be protected.”

“The Australian story is one of many diverse people and backgrounds coming together to enrich our shared experience. Census data tells us that nearly a quarter of Australians were born overseas and nearly half have one parent born overseas.”

“The Reclaim Australia rallies on the weekend are a sad reminder that racism and fear of difference still exist among some members of the community. And that suffering racial vilification is still very much part of the migrant experience.”

“It is incumbent on all politicians and public figures to try to protect communities from vilification and isolation and to help redress the misplaced fear that some people hold towards other cultures and religions.”

“It is worth reflecting on the leadership shown by the late Malcolm Fraser in this regard. Unfortunately that kind of leadership and decency has been rarely seen in recent years and if anything the toxic debate around asylum seekers and the way in which the Prime Minister has chosen to talk about terrorism have only served to enhance fear and misunderstanding.”

“Today the Greens reaffirm our commitment to multiculturalism and celebrate the contribution many generations of migrants have made to Australia and continue to make.”

Media contacts
Senator Di Natale - Andrew Blyberg 0457 901 600
Nina Springle MLC - Alistair Perkins 0425 792 532

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