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Inquiry into Out-Of-Pocket Costs in Australian Healthcare

Richard Di Natale 8 Apr 2014

Australian Greens spokesperson for health, Senator Richard Di Natale successfully moved a motion for a Senate inquiry into out-of-pocket costs in Australian healthcare.

The terms of reference are as follows:

  1. the current and future trends in out-of-pocket expenditure by Australian health consumers;
  2. the impact of co-payments on: 
    1. consumers’ ability to access health care, and
    2. health outcomes and costs;
  3. the effects of co-payments on other parts of the health system;
  4. the implications for the ongoing sustainability of the health system;
  5. key areas of expenditure, including pharmaceuticals, primary care visits, medical devices or supplies, and dental care;
  6. the role of private health insurance;
  7. the appropriateness and effectiveness of safety nets and other offsets;
  8. market drivers for costs in the Australian healthcare system; and
  9. any other related matter.
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