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Katter party candidate shows why Morrison is wrong on multiculturalism

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 25 Jan 2013

Greens spokesperson for multiculturalism, Senator Richard Di Natale, said Scott Morrison’s speech was a dull and predictable tour of the same tired old territory so often exploited by the Coalition.

“Scott Morrison tried to dress up division in the language of unity, and sought to lay blame for any cultural tensions on newly arrived migrants for their ‘self-imposed cultural withdrawal’,” said Senator Di Natale.

“But when you consider the comments of Katter Party candidate, Jamie Cavanough, who sought out non-halal meat because he doesn’t want his money to ‘go to the Muslim community,’ it’s no wonder that some migrants find it hard to participate more fully in society.

“Morrison gives little mention of the responsibility that those of us in leadership positions have in creating a welcome environment for migrants.

“In this term of parliament I’ve seen Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro claim migrants need to be taught how to use deodorant and Liberal Senator Corey Bernardi invite hate figure, Geert Wilders, to our shores. And now we’ve got the Katter Party looking like the new One Nation of Australian politics.

“When my family arrived many decades ago, the same tired arguments were thrown around but we moved beyond them thanks to bipartisan leadership on multiculturalism.

“I look forward to Mr Morrison’s next speech where he condemns the views of the Katter Party and those members of his own ranks who seek to foment division rather than genuine unity.”

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