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Let's Get Gambling out of Sport

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Richard Di Natale 16 Aug 2013

The growing nexus between sport and gambling has gone too far.

Research already shows that most kids are able to identify several sports betting companies - just from watching the footy. Young men in particular are being trained to believe gambling is a skill and are primed to start their gambling careers early.

The Greens want to make sport family-friendly again. We will:

  • Ban ads for gambling services in children's viewing hours before 9pm including during sports broadcasts.
  • Ban the advertising of live odds at any time to weaken the constant inducements to gamble.
  • Prohibit cash-for-comment where sports commentators integrate promotion of betting companies into sports commentary.
  • Ban sponsorship of sporting teams by gambling companies to limit the exposure of gambling brands to young kids.

Read our plan to restrict sports betting ads in full here

The Greens have a Bill before Parliament which would disentangle gambling from sports broadcasting.

Senator Di Natale will present this petition to make sure that the voices of everyday Australians are heard in the Australian Parliament.

Click here to sign our petition.

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