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Liberals "rotten to the core": Di Natale

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 24 Aug 2018

The election of Scott Morrison as Liberal Leader won’t solve the infighting and self-interest that has paralysed Australian politics for a decade said Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale.

"Once again, a Prime Minister has been turfed out not by the voters, but by a handful of faceless men. Whether it’s the Labor Party or the Liberals, people have had a gutful, and are right to be angry" Di Natale said.

“Sadly the result of this vote means the Liberals will remain divided and intent on payback and revenge. They have no climate policy, no energy policy and no economic policy and the paralysis is likely to continue. They are unfit to govern.”

"Under Scott Morrison as treasurer inequality has worsened, he gave tax cuts to the rich, wages have flatlined and energy bills are up. As Immigration Minister he left a toxic legacy of cruelty to vulnerable people.

“The  Liberals have become One Nation lite - a bunch of spiteful, backwards-looking, anti-immigration, climate deniers with no economic plan. It’s time to turf them out and make a fresh start.”

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