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Meeting Paris targets won't protect us from catastrophic global warming: Greens

Media Release
Adam Bandt 24 Sep 2019

Greens spokesperson for the climate crisis, Adam Bandt MP, has warned that the United Nations Climate Summit has made it abundantly clear that even if global Paris pledges are met, it won’t be enough to avoid catastrophic global warming.

“This summit made it crystal clear that even if Australia meets its Paris commitments, that won’t be enough,” said Mr Bandt.

“The world’s Paris pledges, including Australia’s, have us on track for a catastrophic 3.4 degrees of global warming.

“Scientists at the summit say we need to a least triple current Paris pledges to stay below 2 degrees, but instead Scott Morrison is lifting pollution. Scott Morrison is now a direct threat to life.

“It’s great to pull plastics out of the sea, but the biggest threat to our oceans is climate change and Scott Morrison is making global warming worse."

“A true leader would front up to the UN Climate Summit, and explain why they’re desperately trying to open new coal mines in the middle of a climate emergency,” said Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

“Instead, Scott Morrison is too busy hanging out with his fellow climate denier Donald Trump and Australia’s richest coal baron – while unashamedly boasting that he shares many of the same backwards and views as his host.

“In an attempt to deflect blame for Australia’s carbon exports he’s urging China to reduce their use of fossil fuels – at the same time his Resources Minister is trying to flog off ever more coal to India. By seeking to ignore reality, he’s clearly found a mentor in the most dangerous US President in history.”

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