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National Youth Survey

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Richard Di Natale 1 Apr 2014

Unfortunately, the current government is underestimating our youth and leaving many of their questions unanswered. The recent grilling of Prime Minister Abbott by the Year 9s of Newtown High School that went viral, provided an excellent snapshot of issues that our youth care about.

"Why not go ahead with the carbon tax? Why are you so against legalising gay marriage? Did you know it's a human right to seek asylum in another country? If people are so desperate to risk their lives to come to Australia, why are they pushed out when there's so much to share? Why is a man the Minister for Women?"

The questions raised by the Year 9 students of Newtown High are reflective of the concerns of our young people around the country. Concerns that deserve to be responded to with more than a "Let's have a bloke's question" remark.

Australia's future must be built on new ideas and the endless potential of the next generation.

The Greens will continue to listen to young Australians to create policies that allow them to reach this potential and that are reflective of the challenges they face.

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