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No room for climate change denial on business advisory council

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 17 Sep 2013

Australian Greens spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that Tony Abbott should announce that Maurice Newman will be excluded from the new government’s Business Advisory Council.

“It would be simply untenable for Tony Abbott to appoint an advisor who dismisses climate change as a myth,” said Senator Di Natale.

“Given the enormous challenge climate change represents to the Australian economy and Australian business, somebody who denies it is occurring is hardly qualified to advise the Prime Minister on the challenges ahead.”

“Tony Abbott claims to believe the science of climate change. If he really does understand that we are in a climate emergency then he must not go through with appointing Maurice Newman to Chair his Business Advisory Council.

“Tony Abbott has already chosen not to appoint a Minister for science or climate change. Elevating climate change deniers into senior advisory roles will confirm that he is completely turning his back on science and ignoring the major challenges of the 21st century.”

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