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A note from Senator Richard Di Natale

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 6 Nov 2015

I was pretty surprised and disappointed to see myself paraphrased saying I'd join forces with the Libs if it meant the Greens could win a seat.

I didn't say that and I would never say that.

We are poles apart from the Liberals on most things, and more often than not you will find the Liberals and Labor teaming up on a wide range of issues, from preference deals that stop Greens winning seats, to locking up young kids in detention and supporting new coal mines that fuel dangerous global warming.

I believe in working across party lines to achieve positive results for the community. That's the role of politicians - not to grab at power for the sake of it.

The Greens are a party with a consistent set of values - values that are becoming more and more mainstream, and which we will always stay true to.

It's a reality that as our party grows, so will people's curiosity in the ways we'll use our influence.

It's a conversation worth having, so I'd really welcome your feedback on the conversation I had with AAP, which led the story. Have a listen.



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