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Omnicuts short change ARENA and Australia’s most vulnerable

Australian Greens Leader Senator Di Natale, Spokesperson for Community Services Senator Siewert and Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change Adam Bandt have spoken about the Omnibus bill outcome.

“Looks like the stitch up has well and truly been done, the dirty deal between the Labor Party and the Liberal Party to slash renewable energy funding and continue the attack on some of the most vulnerable people in the community,” Senator Di Natale said.

“Rather than joining with the Greens Labor has decided to back in the government’s attack on renewable energy and vulnerable Australians.

“It makes a mockery of the Turnbull government’s innovation agenda and a mockery of the Labor party’s support for clean energy,” Senator Di Natale said.

Greens Climate & Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said he will move to amend the Omnibus bill in the House of Representatives to protect the full $1.3 billion of ARENA’s funding.

"Labor’s deal to cut half a billion dollars from clean energy has exposed them as clean energy charlatans,"Mr Bandt said.

"Labor had absolutely no reason to cut half a billion dollars out of ARENA. If Bill Shorten had joined with the Greens and the crossbench, we could have stared the Coalition down and found fairer places to raise revenue.

"Instead of standing up for clean energy and climate action, Labor rolled over and, at a time we are in a climate emergency, ripped hundreds of millions of dollars out of clean energy.


Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said:

“I welcome the clean energy supplement remaining for those on Newstart and pensioners, however budget ‘savings’ are still being made from those on low and medium incomes.

“Removing the FTB A supplement for families with a joint income of $80,000 is a cut and may impact adversely on families. The sector has called for a comprehensive review of the family payments system, and we support that approach, rather than ad-hoc changes.  

“The Greens will be looking through the changes in detail, although the Bill has been improved there are still a number of schedules that adversely impact on vulnerable Australians. These include the mean cuts to the Carer Allowance, increases in interest charges and debt recovery and other changes that will impact the most vulnerable.”

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