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Repeal Day ploy a smokescreen for Abbott’s mean agenda: Greens

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 13 Jan 2014

Acting Leader for the Australian Greens, Dr Richard Di Natale said today that the Abbott Government’s ‘Repeal Day’ is likely to be a political ploy to disguise its brutal agenda behind populist rhetoric.

“There is nothing wrong a sensible spring clean of outdated or unnecessary regulations but Tony Abbott isn’t using a feather duster, he’s using a wrecking ball,” said Senator Di Natale.

“Cutting red and green tape might sound good in the abstract but we have to remember that most laws and regulations were brought in with good reason and exist to provide blue ribbon protections. Some of them may be outdated now but many of them are helping to keep our families safe, protect our precious places and animals, and ensure that taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently.

“You can bet that Tony Abbott won’t just come after redundant regulations; he’ll be coming after the hard-won protections and standards that most people rely on and support.

“Repealing a huge number of regulations in one bill, in one day is about minimising scrutiny and is a further reminder that this is a secretive government that will do anything to avoid accountability.

“This populist ploy is a yet another import from American Tea Party politics designed to provide cover for Tony Abbott while he does the bidding of the big end of town.

“The Greens support spring cleaning but we won't support the brutal agenda of Abbott and his big business mates.”

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