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Richard Di Natale at the Greens' National Conference

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 26 Nov 2016

Leader of the Australian Greens Party Dr Richard Di Natale has called on the government to put the interests of farmers ahead of their wealthy mates and support the Greens’ compromise plan on the backpacker tax.

“If this was a tax cut for Gina Rinehart, the National Party would be supporting it.”

“The simple solution here is to tax backpackers like Australian residents so that they are eligible for the tax-free threshold and then pay tax on money they earn after that.”

“[The Coalition] haven’t worked out that the way that this parliament needs to work is through negotiation and cooperation not bullying and trying to bludgeon your way through the Senate. It just won’t work.”

Dr Di Natale said that allegations that Attorney General George Brandis has abused his office are profoundly troubling and, if true, leave him no choice but to resign.

“If these allegations are true, this is incredibly serious. If the allegations against Senator Brandis are true, he has compromised his responsibility as the first law officer of the land and he has no option but to resign.”

“He needs to come out of witness protection. He needs to front up and tell the truth. It’s very hard to often get Senator Brandis to keep a low profile; it’s the first time I’ve seen it and it seems that he’s more interested in hiding from the Australian community than coming clean with a full and frank explanation.”

Dr Di Natale also slammed rumours that the government is going to add a language test for new immigrants as racist and further proof that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is unfit for office.

“Whether somebody is able to recite passages out of Shakespeare or not doesn’t determine whether they’re a decent Australian.”

“Now this is a test for the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister likes to talk a big game when it comes to how wonderful multiculturalism Australia is, well now back it up and sack minister Dutton. He is not fit to hold the office of immigration minister of Australia.”

“The time has come for Malcolm Turnbull to sack Peter Dutton because Peter Dutton is dividing the Australian community, undermining multiculturalism and making this nation less safe.”

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