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Sporting codes right on cannabis: Greens

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 1 May 2012

Greens’ spokesperson for sport and health, Senator Richard Di Natale, welcomes the push from Australian leading sports codes to remove cannabis from the international list of performance-enhancing drugs.

“Cannabis could not possibly be considered a performance-enhancing drug and therefore it has no place on the match-day banned list,” said Dr Di Natale.

“It is really positive to see the AFL and other leading Australian sports codes taking such a sensible approach to doping.

“The AFL deserves particular credit for being a leader in this space. They AFL had this same fight with the World Anti-Doping Agency seven years ago and it is good to see that they still have an evidence-based position on what should be considered a performance-enhancing drug.

“The AFL also deserves credit for their proactive approach to illicit drugs, which keeps player welfare paramount and ensures that counselling is available to players who transgress.

“I would encourage WADA to listen more closely to the AFL this time around – taking cannabis off the match-day banned list is the right decision. It has evidence and Australia’s peak sporting codes on its side.”

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