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Statement from Richard Di Natale on Greens NSW Review

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 19 Dec 2018

Last night the Australian Greens National Council resolved to work with the NSW Greens to help it undertake a formal and independent review of Greens NSW structures and processes, including complaints processes and the Greens NSW Constitution. It also reaffirmed, that in the best interests of the party, Jeremy Buckingham should stand aside from the Upper House ticket at the next election.
This significant response is an opportunity for a constructive resolution to the issues in NSW, so that we can refocus on our mission of keeping the Liberal and Labor parties honest and putting forward a genuine alternative to politics as usual at the NSW election in March.  

In the past, we’ve seen parties argue over perceived differences, talking about themselves and forgetting what they’re  elected to do.
As Greens, we’ve been elected to push for better essential services, stronger protection for the environment, improved housing affordability and genuine action on climate change – and with so many of the odds stacked against us, we must work together if we’re to succeed in our mission. 
As a people driven movement, it’s important that our incredible supporters know we all stand together. Last night’s unanimous approval of the Greens NSW resolution for an independent review shows that we all acknowledge there’s work to be done, and we are committed to doing it. 
Through this review, we have an incredible chance for everyone to come together over the coming months  to build a stronger party and a stronger movement.. 
The process will empower both MPs and grassroots Greens members – bringing everyone to the table to improve our internal processes, to be better organised and to deal with complaints and disputes better. With last night’s consensus agreement, we will now come together do the hard work of implementing the review. 

Thanks to people coming together in good faith over recent days, we now have a path forward, and can show the community that we are the only party who will take on vested interests and create a better future for all of us. 

- Leader of the Australian Greens, Dr Richard Di Natale


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