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Time for a national drugs summit: Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy and Law Reform

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 30 Apr 2014

The recently re-established Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy and Law Reform said that yesterday’s bleak Australian Crime Commission report into illicit drug seizures highlights the need for a national summit on drugs policy.

The cross party group, co-convened by federal Coalition, Labor and Greens parliamentarians has today written to the Prime Minister, Health Minister and Attorney General as well as their opposition counterparts to argue for a national drugs summit to be held in Canberra this year.

“Rural and regional Australia has been particularly targeted with illicit drug circulation, no doubt taking advantage of higher levels of community stress and youth alienation. The recent Victorian Government inquiry into the prevalence of “Ice” in country Victoria has left many despairing about the best ways to stem the flow and protect the most vulnerable,” said Co-convenor of the group and Liberal Senator, Dr Sharman Stone.

“The admission from state and federal police chiefs yesterday that Australia’s law and order efforts have failed to restrict the flow of illicit drugs around the country, should give politicians cause to reflect on our current policy approach to the issue” said Co-convenor of the group and Greens health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale.

“The Prime Minister is right in saying that the war on drugs is unwinnable so we need to bring together the best minds in the country to explore alternative models,” said Labor MP and Co-convenor of the Parliamentary group, Melissa Parke.

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