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Tony Abbott takes a big bite out of dental funding

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 16 May 2014

Australian Greens health spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that the Abbott Government’s heartless budget is extracting $619 million of hard-won funding for dental health.

“The Abbott Government isn’t just making it harder for someone to see their GP, it’s also making it harder for people to see their dentist,” said Senator Di Natale, who negotiated the National Dental Health Reform Package with the previous government.

“The Australian Greens fought hard to secure much needed funding for dental health during the last term of government because we understand that many Australians are either avoiding seeing their dentist because they can’t afford it or they are languishing for months and months on public dental waiting lists.

“Australia is suffering from an oral health crisis but Tony Abbott is taking a big bite out of public dental funding, which will just condemn people to longer waiting lists.

“Tony Abbott and his brutal government just don’t understand what it’s like not to have enough money for a trip to the doctor, or to watch your teeth rot because you can’t afford treatment. This is what happens when you hand over the reins of power to a bunch of cigar-smoking, privileged old men who have no idea what it’s like to be down on your luck.”

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