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Paid Parental Leave

Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has urged the crossbench to put working mums first in their negotiations with the Government on paid parental leave.

“Let’s be clear. Delaying the start date to save women who are currently pregnant does not make up for the fact that these changes, whenever passed, will hurt parents.

“Delaying the effect of the Bill by a year isn’t the same as standing up for women’s rights in the workplace and members of the crossbench cannot walk both sides of this issue.

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Business Services Wage Assessment Tool Payment Scheme Amendment Bill 2016

First, let me make an apology. I want to apologise to all the people who are listening on broadcast right now who have had to endure 20 minutes of vitriol, of nonsense from the Labor Party. The Labor Party are intent on frustrating the business of this parliament. We get that we have a Labor Party who are torn and divided over the issue of electoral reform. We understand that. We understand there is a big tussle going on at the moment within the Labor Party—there are those people who support electoral reform and those people who do not.

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Senator Di Natale urges the CPSU to reconsider its position on safe needle exchange

On the eve of International Overdose Awareness Day, Greens spokesperson for health, Dr Richard Di Natale is urging the CPSU to reconsider its position on safe needle and syringe exchange in ACT prisons.

“Needle and syringe exchange is one of Australia’s great public health successes,” said Senator Di Natale. 

“It has tri-partisan support with Australian Governments investing $130 million in Needle and Syringe Programs between 1991 and 2000.”

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