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Medicare review necessary and long overdue: Greens

Australian Greens health spokesperson and former GP, Dr Richard Di Natale, today welcomed the review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule but cautioned that all savings must be reinvested into health.

“The Greens don’t support reducing government spending on health by one dollar – but we do support ensuring that every dollar is spent wisely,” said Senator Di Natale.

“The government currently funds many tests and medical interventions that provide little value and expose patients to potential harms.

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Victorian trial highlights urgency of federal medicinal cannabis legislation

The Greens are reiterating calls for the Abbott government to bring medicinal cannabis legislation to a vote, in light of the Victorian Law Reform Commission's recommendation that the State Government proceed with a cannabis cultivation trial.

"Unfortunately, Victoria's trial can't proceed without the federal parliament passing supporting legislation," said Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber.

"We need action from the federal parliament before the trial can proceed."

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Morrison’s approach to drugs is dangerous: Greens

Rachel Siewert 28 Aug 2015

Australian Greens Leader and Health spokesperson Dr Richard Di Natale today slammed Minister Morrison’s suggestion that drug use cannot be dealt with as health issue.

“Scott Morrison’s suggestion that drug use must be treated as a social toxin and a law and order issue is dangerous and ignorant,” said Senator Di Natale, a former drug and alcohol physician.

“If jail has failed as a deterrent against drug use, what would make the Minister think cutting people off income support would work?

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Senate Committee unanimously endorses medicinal cannabis bill

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee unanimously recommended today that the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill be passed into law. The bill was introduced by Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale and co-sponsored by Senator Ian McDonald, Senator Anne Urquhart and Senator David Leyonhjelm.

“The committee’s unanimous endorsement of the bill is a significant step towards achieving medicinal cannabis reform,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Top Five things Richard has learnt in Portugal

Richard is in Portugal on a study tour to investigate the way in which Portugal has reduced its heroin addicted population by implementing genuine drug law reform -- and it couldn’t be more different to Australia.  Where our politicians frequently declare “war on drugs,” make promises to crack down on drug users and implement zero tolerance policies; Portugal treats individual drug use as a health issue - not a criminal one. Here are the top five things Richard has learnt so far.

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Healthier climate means healthier people: Lancet

The Australian Greens have welcomed a report in The Lancet medical journal, which highlights the huge opportunity to improve public health through action on global warming.

"Cutting pollution won't just maintain the status quo - it will make our entire population more healthy, which means more productive and more prosperous," said Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale.

"People get overwhelmed by the climate change doomsday scenarios, but we need pay more attention to all the ways we can make life better if we do cut pollution.

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Greens welcome Medicare review

Australian Greens health spokesperson and former GP, Dr Richard Di Natale, today welcomed the government’s announced reviews of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and primary health care.

“The Greens have been calling for a review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and an exploration of alternative models in primary care for some time, so we welcome the government’s announcement today.

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Australia must re-invest in Ebola-affected region

Australian Greens health spokesperson and public health specialist, Dr Richard Di Natale, said today that while the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has stabilised, Australia should not be reducing our contribution to the area.

“Every cent recouped from Australia’s contribution to the Aspen Medical treatment centre in Sierra Leone should be reinvested in the region,” said Senator Di Natale.

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Abbott holding our health to ransom

Australian Greens health spokesperson and former GP, Dr Richard Di Natale, today responded to the Australian Medical Association’s damning public hospital report card.

“The Abbott government is holding the country’s health to ransom in a transparent effort to force the states into begging for the GST to rise,” said Senator Di Natale.

“When governments play politics with health funding it’s the Australian public that pay the price. And today’s report card from the AMA shows the real world consequences of treating health care as a bargaining chip.

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