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A tale of two ideologies

It’s been an odd day today... one that really goes to the question of what sort of society we want to live in.
It’s to do with drugs, and how we face up to addiction and dependency in our community.
I spent the morning at the RecLink Grand Final in St Kilda, with two teams of players who have faced, and who are facing, issues of drug dependence and addiction.
RecLink works in the community to provide people with opportunities and connections through sports, recreation and the arts.

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Tasmania can lead on women’s football

Richard Di Natale 16 Feb 2016

The Australian and Tasmanian Greens have identified an opportunity for Tasmania to have a team in the AFL's national women's league, and have written to Premier Will Hodgman and Opposition Leader Bryan Green offering to work with them to progress a proposal.

"The Greens believe a society that values women as equal to men must provide equal opportunities in every workplace, from Parliament to the playing field," said Australian Greens Leader and former VFA footballer Senator Richard Di Natale.

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Players scapegoated in WADA finding, inquiry needed

Richard Di Natale 12 Jan 2016

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale, a former VFL footballer and doctor, says a broad-ranging inquiry is needed to evaluate Australia's anti-doping framework.

"The current system focuses almost exclusively on the players and ignores many of the individuals and organisations involved in this saga," Senator Di Natale said.

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Greens call for independent investigation into World Cup bid

Richard Di Natale 14 Nov 2014

Australian Greens spokesperson on Sport, Senator Richard Di Natale, today called for an investigation into allegations of corruption in relation to Australia’s World Cup bid.

“Like many other Australians I would love to see Australia host the World Cup but that doesn’t mean we should endorse corrupt behaviour.” said Senator Di Natale.

“Corruption is a cancer in any democracy and it needs to be removed whenever it rears its ugly head.

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AFL can end drugs arms race: Greens

Richard Di Natale 15 Aug 2013

Australian Greens spokesperson for sport and health, Senator Richard Di Natale, today called on the AFL to introduce a public register of supplements in the wake of Essendon's Mexican mystery drugs revelations.

“The AFL needs to look beyond the current scandal and make sure that the health of players is protected in the future,” said Senator Di Natale, a former GP and VFA footballer.

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The Greens Plan to Reform Sports Science

The Greens care about sport. Australian sports, including sports scientists, have a history of innovation, but a win-at-all-costs attitude has led many clubs into murky areas at the fringes of sports science.

From the doping scandals that have rocked world cycling to the unapproved supplement trials in the NRL and AFL, Australian sport has never suffered from such a crisis of credibility. Unqualified and unethical individuals are working at elite sports clubs, risking the health of the athletes we respect and damaging the integrity of the sporting codes we love. 

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Greens announce anti-doping reforms

Australian Greens spokesperson for sport and health, Senator Richard Di Natale, today released a package of reforms aimed at protecting Australia’s athletes and sport.

“Today I’m announcing reforms in the area of sports science, aimed at protecting Australian sport and the health of our young athletes,” said Senator Di Natale

“As a doctor I’m deeply disturbed by evidence of young athletes being used as guinea pigs and the pharmacological arms-race that is putting athletes’ health at risk.

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Greens announce new sports supplement hotline

Richard Di Natale 25 Jul 2013

Australian Greens spokesperson for sport and health, Senator Richard Di Natale, today launched the Greens policy for a new body that would provide information about sports supplements.

“The Greens care about protecting both Australian sport and the health of our athletes,” said Senator Di Natale

“Both are put at risk when Australian sportspeople become guinea pigs in an uncontrolled pharmacological arms race. That’s why I referred the issue of sports science to a Senate Inquiry, which reported on Tuesday.

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