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Abbott and Baillieu need to get behind Denticare: Greens

Richard Di Natale 7 May 2012

At the Western Community Health Centre Children’s Dental Clinic in Footscray today Senator Richard Di Natale and Colleen Hartland MLC said that Tony Abbott and Ted Baillieu have to declare whether they support Denticare and will get behind the next phase.
“Yesterday the Greens secured the first phase of Denticare with more than half a billion dollars in funding for dental health,” said Senator Di Natale.

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BREAKING: a new national dental scheme for Australia

Richard Di Natale 6 May 2012

Dear friend,

I have fantastic news: Christine Milne and I have successfully negotiated for an overhaul of Australia's dental system.

We're starting with an immediate cash injection in Tuesday's Budget to help people straightaway, and we'll follow up by designing a new, national dental scheme in partnership with the Government.

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Good health is about making the right choices

Richard Di Natale 18 Apr 2012

Greens’ health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale, said today that in the May budget the Government should prioritise fixing Australia’s dental health crisis over tax cuts for big business.

“Untreated dental disease can lead to infection, heart disease and malnutrition but millions of Australians cannot afford to see a dentist. It’s a tragedy that in a wealthy country like Australia a person’s bank balance determines their oral health. 

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Forgive dentists: Greens

Richard Di Natale 21 Mar 2012

Greens’ health spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, moved a motion in the Senate today that calls on the Government to forgive the debt owed to it by innocent dentists who have been caught up in audits of the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme for minor administrative or technical errors. The motion passed with the support of the Coalition.

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Greens secure $165 million for dental health

Richard Di Natale 14 Feb 2012

Greens’ spokesperson for health, Senator Richard Di Natale, and Greens MP, Adam Bandt, said today that the Greens had secured $165 million in funding for dental health. The commitment to allocate the money raised by the Medicare Levy Surcharge towards dental care comes in response to the Greens support for passage of the Government’s private health insurance package. 

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